3 Patti colour rules

In Teen Patti, the “Colour” rule is a hand ranking that is one step below a Trail (three of a kind) and above a Pair (two of a kind). It refers to three cards of the same suit, not in sequence. Here are the rules regarding the “Colour” hand in Teen Patti:

3 Patti colour rules
  1. Definition: A “Colour” hand consists of three cards of the same suit, but they are not in sequence. For example, if you have the 7, 9, and King of Hearts, it would be considered a “Colour” hand.
  2. Hand Ranking: A “Colour” hand is higher in ranking than a Pair (two of a kind) but lower than a Sequence (three consecutive cards of any suit) and other higher-ranked hands.
  3. Comparison: If multiple players have a “Colour” hand, the player with the highest-ranking card within their “Colour” hand wins. For example, if one player has Ace, Queen, and 5 of Spades, while another player has King, Jack, and 2 of Spades, the player with the Ace in their hand wins.
  4. Tiebreaker: In case two or more players have the same highest-ranking card within their “Colour” hand, the tie is broken by comparing the second-highest card, then the third-highest card if needed. If all the cards in the “Colour” hands are the same, it would result in a tie, and the pot is usually split equally among the tied players.

Remember that these rules may vary slightly depending on the specific variant of Teen Patti being played, as there can be regional or house variations in the game. It’s always a good idea to clarify the rules with the other players before starting a game.

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